Weird World

by Stemson

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released June 24, 2017

Weird World was written/produced/mixed by Stefan Tomlinson
Mastering by Andy Othling
Guitar on tracks 1 & 3 provided by Darrick Hurst
Guitar on track 10 provided by Andy Othling
Additional vocals on track 12 provided by Josh Gaines (Doctor Gaines)
Additional vocals on track 2 provided by Izzi Pena and Carlee Tomlinson

Very sincere and huge thanks to Daniel Rose ( for taking the album photos and putting together the album cover.

All songs on Weird World may not be used for any commercial purpose with out prior consent.



all rights reserved


Stemson Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stemson is an eclectic mix of electronic/pop/words based in ABQ NM.

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Track Name: Squid Kid
If I had a couple hundred quid I could buy all the clothes needed for my squid kid/needed to live large/be the one in-charge/enough to be smart enough to get free stuff but
I'm nothing more then and idiot living in my own head
I'm nothing more then an idiot

Pay what you want, take what you need, breathe freely/fill needs
Please don't let this stop you
These streets are bound to bend and rock you

I am not fine
You are not fine
We are not fine
We are fine

(I will be fine, you will be fine, we will be fine, we are fine)
At least we have the mind to say
That we're not fine today
I hope we can find some peace of mind

Sing with me
Until our gums bleed
Until we break apathy
And feel alive

I know if you give me some time
Breathe now look me in the eyes
Sit back relax speak your mind
Then we'll be fine
Track Name: Old Souls
So sick of the medicine can we straight to the root and learn to begin again
I know, we're just souls, floating around in this fish bowl but
I really wanna try and get it right, or maybe we could try another time
Or maybe just find the perfect rhyme with the perfect line with the perfect lines

Hold your breath
While I get this out
I need this now

Step outside with me
It's time to try to believe
If we die trying
At least we lived honestly

So sick of the medicine can I get a here here for the cure again
Clear my eyes/ears/chest/throat again
I hope with all earnesty you can point me to true north again
I'm tired of that back and forth again
The lies of man/the hopes likes sand/the sick demands
I can see it in your eyes as I shake your hand
You want to just use me to further your own plans
Your own dreams
Your own success that has nothing to do with me
That has nothing to do with the truth
It's all your own selfish pursuits
It's all your own desires that will burn away when the fire come
It'll melt away with the firing guns
It'll rise like ash with the morning sun

I'm sorry I know
I've got space to grow
I'm just sick of the push and pull
I think we're old souls
I think we're open caskets
With a stench, nothing to mask it
It's no life if we're dead inside
But I've got nothing to hide
Track Name: Time as it Was
Hold my hand
Til your knuckles turn white
We'll make fun of every song telling us to dance tonight
Just dance tonight
Close your eyes
Just block out all the lights
We can pretend it's just you and me
Is that alright

Everybody said that we wouldn't make it this far, every other person said it'd be too hard, scars are shown, and there's no going back, seeds are sown and I'm ok with what I lack, the gaps can be filled with the thrill of the fight, it's what keeps us alive alright, maybe it's what keeps us up at night, maybe that's what keeps me in my bed, I can't make sense of what's in my head

Hold your breathe
Like it's the last one you've got
Take in every bit of oxygen
Close off your heart
Because you're not meant for me
You're meant for somebody, somebody else

It's seamless, the split, when hits, when the truth sinks in is where we can begin again where the cynicism slips in swimming in the mysticism of the could've beens, ok alright I get it I'll cut it out, I'm trying to get my thoughts out in more then gibberish but, blubbering and fumbling like a babbling idiot may be the best I can get, I've never read the terms of service, I don't know what we've agreed to outside of regrets, arguments used to push the reset button but I feel like I've lost the the control, I've feel like I've lost the grip, reaching and grabbing for next to Nothingness, Nothingness sits next to Confusion who's longtime friends with Loneliness and Dilution (who will come along for the ride whether or not she's invited, she'll want to make her stay inside) but whatever you do, promise me you won't lend your eyes to her, that terrible witch has nothing in her hands, but regrets

When the beat gets dissonant still know that I cared for you
Track Name: It's Alright
It's alright
In this life
It's alright
You don't have to get everything right
Track Name: Stemson Shuffle
This one's for you to drive out in the moonlight
Juniper can come too I guess that will be alright
The ceilings falling down but we will be ok
Five years strong most people haven't made it this long we've had some growing pains, but who hasn't anyway


Somewhere over the rainbow the pain blows up into a million smithereens smothering the mad hatter's mad dreams into nothing, huffing and puffing can't blow this house down, sticks and stones won't break our bones, skulls and bones decorate our home, gold and chrome we will never know

So listen up
Here's the deal
When you smile it still gives me the feels
Listen up here's the deal go:

(this part is to be danced to when able)

When you clap, clap like this
When you move just move to the left
When you get there smile real big
Turn to the right then do it again
Track Name: Cherry Pit Part 2
If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, I promise you the whole truth, I won't feed you lies, I'd never do that to you my son, I've given you ears to hear and legs to run, please, run father and farther, every day, until you're tired then run some more still, I'll be stuck on this hill for the rest of my days please take my advice, find another way, find a way to avoid the mistakes that I have made, there's a twisted path before you and I'll do my best to light the way

I'm sorry dad, I couldn't help myself, the fruit looked ripe for the picking, you've warned me since before I could walk but the burden clung to my back, smitten with the idea of seeing red now red its all I see, dad i'm sorry, I really am, I should've listened to what you said, I should've given damn, I wish you could see me now, I wish you could hear me now, I wish you could feel me somehow, I hope that this will get through to you, can you feel me through your roots, will you grow old

(letter to unborn baby)
My dearest, listen to me, write this letter to our unborn son tell him what I've done, tell him I'm sorry I wanted to see him grow, I hope he knows I had the best intentions and don't forget to mention his grandad would've loved him too, but it's too late for me, I couldn't suppress my lust for the cherry seed please trust me when I say, by all means stay away from that damned fruit stay away, the soil is now calling me to bury my hands in
There can't be a reaping with out the sowing knowing that the time to grow into death is now, it's unbearable but the seed pushes me on, this will be the dusk for me and the dawn for the seed inside of me, goodbye my dearest and child, I'm dying
I'm dying
Track Name: Chocolate Milky Way
Synonyms and homonyms is where we can begin again can I get a cute kitty kitty critter kid again can I get credit for all the edits embedded into our consciousness but who wants to dive into that Abyss when we'll all fish out meaninglessness that adds up to weird metaphors as to why we exist

You like to say that I'm pretty you like to say that I'm beautiful you like to say that I'm gorgeous but dang girl you hardly know me

All hail the krazy king karrot if he takes us down it will be all our fault so you can turn that smile right back around I've made the rounds and I've seen the thoughts I think it might be true that words is all I've got my thoughts like milk will start to spoil and rot
Chocolate milk makes me stutter it must be the milk fat that does that I get nervous and I shudder when I talk fast I can't recognize my own face when I look through your eyes

I've double checked the deepest recesses of my mind but there was nothing to find I've searched the darkest corners of earth and all I could find was death and rebirth we're all made of the same stuff so everyone is a part of us no one could live if there was no us

It must be the milk fat that makes me feel this way it must be just you and me looking through our Milky Ways
Track Name: More than Her Body
Do you want her for more than her body
Can you honestly say that you care
Do you know what it means
To light up her screen
With the promise you'll always be there

I've lost my trust in you
And there's nothing you can do
And it honestly breaks my heart
But it will be alright
Track Name: Snuffaluvagus
I keep forgetting the things I lack and in the end of pain they all come back to stick around and laugh and point, are you beginning to get the point, that we all amount to nothing in the end and I'm nothing right now but that's noting new, that's not news, ha, my heart is so so heavy, with things I thought I let go, well I guess I should've known better no shouldn't have I, better back track, look myself in the eye and start yelling and telling myself to say goodbye to the things that keep me from you

Well it's like, paralytics pushing politics preparing post-modernism propaganda polly want a cracker polly want a new agenda, polly wants to push her own interests making an A-list of the B-list listening to only what she wants to hear, we'll all turn our tears to fears and hopes and dreams will only be remembered in rhyme schemes as pipe dreams in all the fine print with printing paper, popping, popular patte's for famous freshmen wishing that they were womanizing with all the other fraternizers realizing no accountability leads to no burden of reality oh I see I see you want me to believe we can all have what we want and by golly it's free, well sign me up I don't have any cares in the world, let's do this.

I know I built nothing
That's worthy of a glance
A second chance
My hands, my hands, my hands are failing
I know I've said nothing
That's worthy of your time
That could really change your mind
My tongue, my tongue, my tongue is a fire
I know I'm a fool to my core
But I'll try my best and I'll leave the rest in Your hands
Track Name: High Tower Lover
I dreamt a forgotten friend
Held me tight and wouldn't let go
She said we're all built for each other's needs and there's a time to weep and a time to grow
She said it was ok
To take from others when needed
And when we see other humans bleed, try and stop the bleeding
I dreamt a forgotten friend
Who held me tight and wouldn't let go
High in her tower, with her lover, who shrugged his shoulders like he didn't know
Track Name: Throw Away Kid
Poke my eyes
Out with an iron
Because I won't need them where I'm going
Cut off my hands
They've done no good
Worthless flesh and bone
Set to destroy all I know

Would you still love me if you knew
I was dirty through and through
What you've seen isn't me, isn't me

Take all your cash
Throw it into the water
Because you won't need it where you're going
Take me to church
To break his body
Because I won't need mine where I'm going

You can call me a fool
But I'll leave more than you
I'm not static
I'm not plastic
I'm not a throw away kid

Would you still take their lives if you could see the white in their eyes, would you still crush their minds if they could save yours, given time, you can burn everything I own, I don't need it where I'm gonna go, I'm not static, I'm not plastic, I'm not a throw away kid
Track Name: Alive
You said I am trying to make sense of all the noise in my head
I know we're all dying to feel something great than what's in our bed

I feel alive
At least today

You said "I'll be alright this time"
But I can feel it in my bones that you are lying
I know we'll have scars to show
When we get to the other side

I feel alive
I feel alive
At least today